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Allergen Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots and Drops)

Allergy is caused by malfunctioning immune cells that release powerful chemicals upon Princeton, Hamilton, Mercer, Burlington NJ Allergistcontact with harmless substances like pollen or dust mite. Normal immune cells would ignore these same substances. Allergy medicines temporarily block some chemicals but have no effect on the malfunctioning cells, which are the actual cause of allergy.

Allergen immunotherapy is the only treatment proven to target the actual cause of allergies - the malfunctioning allergy cells. Immunotherapy works by “re-educating” or “shutting off” the specific malfunctioning immune cells that are responsible for allergy symptoms.

It is the only treatment that can potentially permanently reduce or “cure” allergy. Immunotherapy is also the only treatment Allergy Preventionproven to prevent new allergies from developing and the only treatment that can reduce the risk of asthma developing in children by more than 50%. In short, immunotherapy can uniquely halt and even reverse the progression of allergic conditions.

At Hamilton Allergy Asthma and Sinus Treatment Center, we are proud to offer this extremely effective treatment mainly as allergy shots (but in special cases, allergy drops might be considered). Shots are given in our office on a monthly basis for most of the treatment course.  (Drops are taken by the patient at home on a daily basis).

Millions of patients have benefited from immunotherapy and it has been a cornerstone of allergy treatment for more than 100 years. Consider treating the cause of your allergies to get long-term relief.

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