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Non-Surgical Sinus Treatment

Nasal and sinus problems are extremely common. Symptoms range from mild stuffiness, post-nasal drip, and sneezing to severe blockage, decreased smell, head pressure, coughing, snoring, difficulty concentrating and constant tiredness.

Persistent sinus trouble can contribute to asthma attacks, ear infectionsSinus Treatment - New Jersey, chronic coughing, upset stomach and headaches. Children are affected as often as adults.

The key to successful sinus treatment is finding a regimen that controls symptoms and restores normal sinus function. Topical sinus treatments such as irrigation, gel and prescription nasal sprays can be helpful but proper technique with these treatments is critical. Incorrect use of topical sinus treatments can actually make things worse.

Unfortunately, most people use these therapies incorrectly (physicians included). Surgery can be helpful in selected cases but should be considered a last resort as long-term recurrence in symptoms after surgery is very high.

The bottom line with chronic sinusitis is that there is no one magic formula and a customized plan based on symptoms, triggers and individual preference is important for long-term success.

At Hamilton Allergy Center, we specialize in the non-surgical care of the nose and sinuses. We will perform a thorough evaluation, identify triggers, recommend avoidance strategies and prepare a customized sinus treatment and maintenance plan to give you the best chance at long-term relief.

Take control of your sinus problems. Call us to schedule an evaluation: 609-584-9200

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